Update 11/20/16

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Update 11/20/16

Post by Snowa on Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:28 pm

- Different cars to see if car dealer will work.
- Edited Addons for easier job making (less confusing)
- Edited Event addon
- Added PRE-CACHER for FA:S to lower freeze frame lag when shooting/switching jobs.
- Added FA:S 2 Kill Icons
- Added BF4 Pain sounds when hurt.
- Added BF3 Death sounds.
- Edited FA:S weapons in hopes to even out the damage.
- Added VCMod for new car dealer.
- Added Team Radio's for more rp
- Added working version of admin popup (for staff)
- Added Arivia F4 menu

This will take effect today which is 11/20/16


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