The Green Beret Guidelines

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The Green Beret Guidelines

Post by Loki on Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:59 pm

The Green Berets Entry Tryouts' Guidelines:

The Green Berets Motto:To Free the Oppressed.

A Code we will live or die by!

If ever in tryouts, if I do a mic check, as in I will say, "Mic Check". You will respond, "My hands, your will."

Now that you have made it into The Green Beret, or if you plan on it, here are some thing to help you out.

For starters, even though you pass tryouts, it doesn't necessarily mean you've made it in, you will be know and seen as a TGB Recruit, how you rank will look, TGB Recruit (Name). This is the point where we really test you, for starters this eliminates the boys from the men, and the serious from the minge. To make TGB as a faction, greater.

From Tryouts to Enlisted ranks, you will be tested on your abilities to lead, if you ever plan on becoming an officer, know this ALL OFFICERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A WORKING MIC

Now on to helping you as a member of TGB:

From PVT-SGT you will be tested on your Accuracy, Knowledge, Respect, because at this point, at the time you reach Staff Sergeant we expect you to pass any Accuracy and Knowledge test we throw at you, the respect will have to be seen first hand, such as Saluting, responding Yes, Sir:No, Sir, and just over all respect of people. These are the ranks you want to be noticed at, you could make it to SSGT by passing the previous, but if we don't know you, or haven't really noticed you, make yourself noticed some how, approach us, don't ask for anything, just tell us if we didn't see it first hand, but test you on it. Tell us, respectfully that you felt you were noticed properly. Now respectfully, meaning. Say PTS, if granted. "All do respect Sir, I'd like to be acknowledged for how well I've done in the War/Sims/Raid/Rescue. Maybe you haven't see it, but I ...." and explain to us how you did. After your done explaining, Salute, return to line and face forward. At that point, if it turns to be true, we will acknowledge you fully and how you deserve it.

From SSGT-SGM you will be tested same as PVT-SGT on your Accuracy, Knowledge, and Respect. Though in addition to your Leadership skills, because that this point, we expect you as an NCO to be capable of leading a squad/group of soldiers. We will you do so, and see how well you handle the soldiers, we will note how you lead, and tell you where you need improvements. At the point of Reaching SSGT we will know you know, but you still want to make your self noticed, again respectfully. At the point of reaching WO-1. We fully expect you to pass any test on Leadership,Accuracy, and Knowledge, and should be a very respectful soldier.

From WO-1 - CWO-5 you will be tested on everything previously, in addition to see how well you enforce the rules, and keep the faction in shape, by running PT, DBs, and the such. Which we will let you do, but giving you the order on what you must go over. At this point you are a well respected member of TGB and have obviously earned you position and made your self noticed. Though, alot of test will follow to see how well you are in this faction, and if you are Officer material. As you climb the ranks, test will get hard, and test your patience, but patience is the key. Once you reach CWO-5 you will be on hold at that rank, until you are evaluated by the MajGen,LtGen, or Myself. If you pass, you will continue on and making a name for your self among TGB. If you fail, you will be given more chances to prove your self, that being 2 more. You have 3 chances as a CWO-5 to pass your evaluations. If you fail, you will be set back to WO-1 and go through your training again.

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