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MilitaryRP Server Rules !

Post by Jayy_Matrix on Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:29 pm

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment.

General Rules
Do not RDM
Do not NLR.
Do not disrespect others players when out-of-character (OOC).
Do not RDA
Do not FailRP
Do not meta-game
You may not play any forms of media using your mic. (you may, if everyone in the area gives you consent.) If you are told to stop, you must stop.
Do not break server rules in order to try and enforce rules upon others, by acting as an administrator. (vigilantism)
Do not impersonate anyone.
Do not spam chat.
Do not abuse the kill command. (spamming suicide, annoying people by suiciding, etc.)
Do not vote demote anyone while the staff are on duty.
Don't attempt to create loopholes in the rules to your benefit. Arguing saying its not in the rules when you clearly did something wrong will result in a 1 day ban.

You cannot have a sub-faction without Developer or Owner approval. IE: MARSOCc.

Advert/OOC Rules
Do not post link in chat unless its a link to the Rexongaming forum, or to an official roster for your faction. Anything else will require an Admin+ to allow it.
Do not advertise administrator applications in-game. This will result in an automatic denial.
Do not advertise other servers within our chat - this will result in a permanent ban.
Do not advertise poll or feedback posts. (without admin+ permission)
Advert is only used for important role-play information, otherwise, use OOC (failing to comply will result in a warning)

You may kidnap anyone that is not in your country.
You cannot kidnap anyone that is in your country.
You cannot kidnap anyone that has a weapon out.
You may kidnap someone in their respective base. It is up to their teammates to save them, and they must advert RESCUE to stop you.
If you try to kidnap someone that has their weapon out, they can kill you. BUT you can still kidnap.
You only have to advert kidnap once, BUT be specific on what happen to them when they get kidnapped.

Faction Rules
You must follow orders from a player who is higher ranking than you in your faction. You may not follow orders from a player who is not actively participating in your faction. Failure to follow orders from a higher up will be considered FailRP.

Training Recruits
If you are allowed to train new members for your faction, that is your primary obligation, even if you are participating in a separate job in your faction. It is irresponsible to allow recruits to sit in the spawn room for an hour. Failure to show active participation in training recruits will result in demotion.
Russian, Taliban, American, and UK DIs are required to know how to train recruits.

Do not ask staff if you can train into other classes within your faction. Training for other classes will be determined by your faction leadership. Bothering staff about cross-training is pointless and will accomplish nothing.

Altering your rank to show a value that does not reflect what your leadership has recorded is considered self-promotion. The punishment is a 1-day ban.

Permission to Speak (PTS)
PTS is a form of communication control used by your faction leadership.
When PTS is active, you may not speak without being granted permission to speak.
You may request PTS by typing "PTS" in chat.
PTS requests may be auto-denied if determined appropriate by your leadership.
You can be reported for breaking PTS and it is considered FailRP

KOS Zones
NonTaliban in Taliban town is KOS without permission.
NonRussian in Russian base is KOS without permission. Overlooking the Spetsnaz base also makes you KOS.
NonUK in UK base is KOS without permission. Overlooking the UK base also makes you KOS.
All Non-US in US base is KOS without permission.
You can only place a temporary KOS on any location if you are using that location for Tryouts/Training/Simulations/Debrief

Faction Leader
**Do not under any circumstances wipe the faction's roster**
Many times in the past, when factions switched leaders, the newly assigned leader would look forward to a fresh start alongside his newly earned rank, and would request to have a complete removal of the roster, this resulted in people who have put time towards the faction to lose their rank, and possibly leave the community - we do not want to see a situation like that go down again.
Any sort of bias behavior will result in getting your rank revoked
Mass promotions for friends are noticed and may result in the removal of your rank.

Rules of War and Engagements

Rules of Engagement
1.) Do not shoot someone unless they shoot you first (do damage).
2.) Any Unarmed Personal Is Considered Civilian.
3.) Taliban with RPG/Bomb out is KOS.

Civilian Status
Do Not Kill Civilians unless they are told to leave your base and they do not.

Taliban Explosives
Taliban RPG with the bomb or grenade launcher out are KOS.

Calling Raid or War
Calling Raid / Rescue
The only people allowed to call raid are OFFICERS ONLY. Unless allowed by highest up in COUNTRY
When a faction calls raid on the other faction only the ones raiding can be killed.
You HAVE to call assist to help any faction being/are raiding(ed)
You may only call raid when no tryouts/debriefs are in progress at the base.
Your faction may only call raid once every 10 minutes.
You cannot counter a raid.
Once a raid is over, all assists are over as well.
If you assist a raid, it is considered your raid as well. There is a cool down of 5 minutes.

Calling War
Only Generals may request war. (Unless there are no generals on, then it goes to the highest officer.)
Do not call a civil war for any faction, it is major FailRP.

Accepting War
Only the highest ranking member of the faction online may accept war.

Silent Raiding
The classes that can Silent raid are:UK Scout, MARSOC, Navy, Army Ghost, and Delta Force.
You can not kill anyone, even if you are shot at. BUT if your damaged you can use ROE

Donation Classes
If you cannot treat the classes with respect, then you will be removed from them. READ THE TOS (Terms Of Service dummy)

Army Juggernaut
When you donate for juggernaut you are placed as SGT (Sergeant) if you are below the rank.

Spetnaz Juggernaut
When you donate for Spetnaz Juggernaut you are placed as SGT, if not already that rank or above.

Recruit Training / Recruit information
You are not to leave the recruit room, leaving is KOS.
If someone who is not a DI/Officer/Staff tells you to leave the recruit room for any reason, don't. (unless they were appointed by any of the groups allowed to train.)
You are to listen to the DI. Anything that you do that is Mingey or FailRP can get you warned/killed.
Do not argue with people who cannot train you, they would if they could, but they can't.
Officers, Staff, and DIs are the only people to train recruits, unless given specific permission by someone within those three groups.
Recruits are required to go through basic training from a DI.
Recruits have the option to join the Marines, Army, Spetsnaz, UK, or Taliban.
Anyone within 5 feet of the recruit room door that is not a DI is KOS/AOS.

Miscellaneous Rules
You have the right to deny someone who is trying out for your faction's tryouts. You must have a valid reason, but you can deny them the privilege to try out.

Do not change your jobs to something and create your own "sub faction" or "group" without Manager+ permission.

You must advert "DEBRIEF DISMISSED" when a debrief is over.
ALL of that faction must be in the DB (unless being difficult then tell a Staff).
If you don't the faction wanting to raid will have the right away to raid


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